Steps to enable cheque printing:

To configure and print the cheques:

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > F11: Accounting Features.
  • Set Enable Cheque Printing to Yes.

  • Enabling Cheque Printing in Bank Ledger Creation with TSS and Internet Connectivity,
  • The completed Ledger Creation screen appears as shown below:

Enable the option Set/Alter Bank Details? The Bank Details screen appears as shown below:

  • Select the bank name in the field select your Bank? From the List of Banks. This list is displayed only when TSS is active and internet connectivity is available.
  • Enable the option Set Cheque Books? to specify cheque range details.
  • Enable the option Set Cheque Printing Configuration? The cheque formats are displayed in the Cheque Format Selection screen, as shown below:

  • Set the option Activate Auto Reconciliation? to Yes, if required.
  • Set the option Enable e-Payments to Yes, if required.
  • Provide Account Details, as required.
  • Press Enter to save.

        To copy the cheque format:

  • Press Alt+U in Cheque Format Selection screen.
  • Press Ctrl+C. The Select Configured Bank screen with List of Configured Banks appears as shown below:

  • Select the format of the required bank from the list. The cheque printing configuration details is pre-filled with the dimensions of the selected cheque format.

            Note: In cheque printing configuration screen, no field other than salutions should be blank.

  • Press Enter to print the cheque in the selected format.