Manual Arrear Calculation

Before calculating arrear update new salary structure in Master -> Salary Structure -> Component wise

Check the components are selected for Arrear calculation.

If statutory components i.e, PF, ESIC & PT also consider for arrear calculation select it for Arrear calculation in Company Master -> Statutory info.

For import of Arrear date Go to Utilities -> Import -> Arrear eff. From

Click Modify and import arrear date from excel.

For updating arrear amount Go to Processing -> Manual arrear transaction.

Select the Employee click Add and Add Row then select the component update the values and Save.

For importing manual arrear values from excel Go to Utilities  -> Import -> Manual Arrears

Then click export.

Update the values in excel.

Note: If value is NIL don’t leave blank update it as 0.

Once excel is ready then Save it and Browse the same file in Import screen select the sheet then click Display.

Click Import

Then do monthly processing and see payslip in reports